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  1. I have had 56 different players use this admin swapping mod I’m getting angry about it can someone try and get catsbit to look into the mod and make a way so we can stop them from using the mod.
  2. I play cubic sandbox a lot and I love it but now I’m hating it because there is a glitch or should I say a mod that allows other players to switch the owner stat of a game to themselves and than they kick everyone in the game and you cannot kick the player ether and because you can’t kick them they switch the owner and start to grieving you and than they start saying that it’s there server now and it makes me so mad! can you guys at catsbit ban the usage of mods in game or make it so you can report that player if you do fix this I would be so happy. also as an additional Mention this same glitch or mod is starting to get into Sandbox 3D just figuring you guys might want to know so if your admin is switched you know why.