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  1. Just realized that maybe adding Teleport wouldn’t be a good idea for the Parkour servers.... oops. Need more suggestions for the Misc...
  2. Maybe add Miscellaneous / Misc Category that can maybe contain: NPCs (because its kind of lonely and eerie for me in Single player... And please add this with NPC Settings like how they behave like follow, stay, terminate a specific player, etc. They can be selected with skins in game, a limit to adding NPCs.) Teleport (its cuz of that the player’s speed is all just kind of fine but... maybe this one’s a good idea too for higher places.) Other Suggestions besides MISC: • add more limit to build more stuff possible... • more maps! Like maybe... a Beach, Grassy Plains (not much of work to do on that kind of map! Devs can include a Town, but it may be too much work for them.) • more skins! Like a Man/Woman in a Suit, Students, Teachers, etc. • add hair physics! • camera settings! (first-person view... etc.) • walking & running animations! My own Ideas for the Weapons Update: • Sniper Rifles! • Assault Rifles! • Swords! (Katana, etc.) • Or just a simple Knife. I won’t expect for the developers to add my suggestions, these seemed to be massive anyways. I doubt the most, the NPC part... It seems to have a lot of work. Risks are a lot of bugs will occur for that one. But the NPC part is kind of my favorite! But the devs can just ignore my suggestions if they want, since I know the devs have been busy lately and have been working hard all the time. Adding my suggestions, especially the Miscellaneous Category part may take up much of their time... But I’m happy and is comfortable adding my suggestions anyways!