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  1. [VS]SaMyRal1 ID: 26E6CDDDC42DC785 aimbot hacker us13 Please ban Asap They are using cheat he aimbot me and i am in disconnected
  2. Hello, I Was Doing Lumber Quest when i killed this guy farming logs then moments after i farmed logs i lagged and got banned For Cheating. I Dont know how please do something about this and i always get kick when i run and jump And When i fell I Get kicked And i take Damage also Please fix this. id: 99B817940D691326
  3. Us13 Please Ban this Guy 7CB299E218EABBCB He is Using Aimbot Hack Ar Please Ban Him Asap
  4. Please Ban This Us 13 Hacker Flying and Revolver Aimbotting he is flying and not getting kicked the small Guy in the sky is him in the picture