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  1. ID: CB3B94CEE2AA1444 Server 43 Eu I was filming a video for YouTube (PATERAS) on a new server farming scrap and he came up to me with aim assist assault rifle pls ban him
  2. Catsbits please unban him he didn't use any hack
  3. Unban him he doesn't use hacks catsbits
  4. Hacker raid my base video proof Eu 31 ID:3778A7337B5D5E7
  5. It's been like 2 months since that day. I still haven't been unbanned and I've been playing in a new acc im level 7. Catsbits all I'm asking is for you to unban me pls
  6. I was playing in the new update and I went afk in safe zone(I sat at the chairs) and suddenly a naked kill me with wooden spear IN SAFE ZONE.
  7. Откуда вы знаете? Есть вероятность
  8. @Catsbit.Care All I'm asking is to put a expiration date or lift the ban pls. I have admitted my mistake and want a second chance pls
  9. Pls reply @Catsbit dev
  10. Hello 👋 I was a prime user and used cheats and got banned. I regret that so much and I have been posting for 7 literally days for you to lift the ban or give an expiration date pls. I have spend money on this game and I don't want it to go to waste pls (a reply would be nice )