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  1. What kind of cheats did I just go into the house and kick, changed my nickname and I was banned((Who the hell are you? Go rest longer in the ditch)))
  2. Hello, I was banned for Kik on the workbench, I explain how it happened, I run into the player’s house, loot everything, climb onto the workbench, hold down and ask to jump, go to the server and see the ban, why? This is not prohibited in the rules of the game, this is not a bug, this is a feature Здравствуйте, меня забанело за Кик на верстаке, объясняю как это было,забегаю к игроку в дом лутаю все забераюсь на верстак, зажимаю просят прыжок, захожу на сервер и вижу бан, почему? это же не запрещено в правилах игры это не баг, это фишка
  3. Catsbit.Care Catsbit.Care Catsbit.Care Catsbit.Care Catsbit.Care Catsbit.Care
  4. I didn’t play with a clean one, I gave it to a friend to play with and now I logged in and there’s a ban there, please unban me
  5. Бан по не известной причине