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  1. Alssahir

    Lost items

    Hi again, i just exit the game and my entire house just disapear and lost all my items inside the boxes and half on my inventory. Im very tilted because i play like 5 hours building and gathering and lost the half of my things ? thanks.
  2. Hi again, i have some bugs to report, when you put a lamp on the roof and try to remodelate your house the lamp can't be destroyed so you can't build there again, and same with the campfire you can't destroy it so can't build there, other thing when you build a stair from the second floor to the outside you can't put another stair to make a longer stair to the outside of the house so you have a small stair and long distance from the stair to the floor and lose some HP. Thanks and hope you understand me jajajajaja, hi from chile!! ?? (Pls correct me if i write something wrong)
  3. Alssahir


    Hi, i am new at the game and i think it can be a great game but there are alot of things to fix and add. My question is: are you planing to upgrade the game soon or anytime?? Thats it thanks!!!!