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  1. They should nerf the cures, example: a time to heal. since if a fast player has many cures he is almost immortal.
  2. ID: DB6F7C3EAE65E565
  3. ID: C7C8B1F38F8C8872 https://youtu.be/CaJ3JjAnb1k?si=H8xOszg1D-HqLx3v
  4. ID: 812B4BD756973BC7 https://youtu.be/1bjMot0Kndk?si=BooDwss78E8oTg9R
  5. Identificación: 377E3824F6AB88C3
  6. Identificación: 197EE1D7A3669008
  7. This cheater has purchased items and uses aimbot ID: DA3DE22BB5144DE7 https://youtu.be/LMfAS11cpVk?si=ucCbTxD1wZkhmnCn
  8. Hacker's-report


    why did they change the guest servers, Those servers helped a lot since hackers could only play on those guest servers, and to be able to enter non-guest servers they needed a Google account and many of those traps asked for money to start with Google but the game did not allow you to start with Google. if it is an external apk. I hope it comes back and maybe they will reduce hackers, not completely but they will radically reduce the use of hacks.
  9. I have more evidence of the LVL 16 hacker on the us31 server ID: B7408B9B19FAF5FA https://youtu.be/M5t3rvELBMw?si=lGDzyM12ulnt_k40
  10. tramposo de velocidad en el servidor us31 ID: 83F391EAAF7694E https://youtu.be/6fQrxd559Pc?si=0gA16eU47VyoiKhB
  11. ID: 714736B5705854F7 https://youtu.be/uHSn2E9E3k0?si=tTYrZ0m_jZbuzPqv
  12. ID: B7408B9B19FAF5FA https://youtu.be/PkG3wAzPPgI?si=6PmZHHt5xwedo885
  13. ID 1: F8836B885E697705 ID 2: DB70682217F0AD05 ID 3: EA266D974B8DB964 https://youtu.be/VRep-ckTgiA?si=EjYA1P4ovlhkUfxZ
  14. ID: 197EE1D7A3669008 https://youtu.be/o5GgXAk30RI?si=L4NXCezkrBojPdNa
  15. 178343448834ED85 https://youtu.be/DetjsUGJ8g8?si=Bt2hBeSvag-m6Saa