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  1. Cactus

    Name color?

    I saw someone with a dark blue name, how? Im only green
  2. Movement speed is so slow and running is very limited, please implement a method land travel. A destructable vehicle like a buggy perhaps? I love this game so much and i would love to see it grow
  3. Title says it all. Also is there places of interests like a cave or something
  4. Cactus


    Also is there a wiki for this game?
  5. Cactus


    How do i obtain food? I have been walking all the way till nightfall and have not seen a single animal....
  6. As a new player, i think these following features would be helpful. A minimap, the ability to spawn nearby something, like a bed in minecraft, and lastly a way of implementing sprint into the controls without it being a seperate button.