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  1. Hacker aim kill 15[us] server ID:4C30305ADE1C6648 Video:https://youtu.be/UdLNblcBeT4?si=Jqz-50HuTxSysLKp
  2. Hacker spider mode Server:11[us] Id:7EEEFF258F243584 Video: https://youtu.be/-tjb1q5oadg?si=tKk_fl2m2yQqO-u2
  3. Speed hack SERVER 11[US] ID:2DDC8595D2F954EA VIDEO:https://youtu.be/MVtprWEDOSI?si=eTMOGsyRmWeSsQCZ
  4. Hacker aim kill 7lvl with Revolver Server11[US] ID:CE4BDB5C01C6D668
  5. Tele kill 11[us] oxide ID:7E9D829915A84156
  6. Aim kill server 11[US] ID:4197CD46E131F34C Video:https://youtu.be/P0g6O0O62GY?si=pBUhs8mSkUmHG4zg
  7. ID:F191D6E5310605F8 server 66[EU] Aim kill axe & tele kill video:https://youtu.be/akcwn-56Yc8?si=8FV6b1_GEBV8J9Qq
  8. ID: F191D6E5310605F8 Server 66[EU] Aim kill tele kill
  9. Hacker with tele kill ID:7E587FDC222BC966 Server 66[EU] Video https://youtu.be/KcXnS9e_8Gg?si=U6E0mHwK0I9hhZc3