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  1. Hello, dear developers, I am writing with a request to unban my account, the main server -18 US was banned at -29 EU, I have been playing at level 17 for 4 years with this account and HAVE NEVER USED cheats. Here's how the ban was obtained: I was playing at the age of 29 and shot a man in full iron armor (they were AFC) from a distance of about 50-80 meters, hit him in the head, and I was given a ban. what? FOR A GOOD HIT ??! My ID is 43800EEAD6ACDF56. Sincerely, the creator of the KvK clan
  2. Игрок дедок играет на сервере 18 us. Он очень хорошо убивает с дали без посторонних по. Прошу разбанить игрока Сервер :18 us Ник:[kvk]Дедок Айди:43800EEAD6ACDF56
  3. Здравствуйте меня забанили по ошибке ник:я тим квк Сервер 18 us Надеюсь на разблокировку уровень не маленький