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  1. El guapo


    Think about that catsbit try to play your game then you encounter with a cheater (auto aim) in raid or when you farming try to dodge they bullet..... but when you report theme hahahahahahah it still nothing happen
  2. The only problem in this game (oxide) are cheater you always fix the bug but the cheaters can still play the game hahahha
  3. You wiped all item every update You'll focus on new item new machine how about people who used cheat? Do you have mercy for normal who your game trying to fight big clan or cheater?
  4. Your game has alot of cheater normal player 40% cheater 60% wtf then you put a report button but cannot work. You know what catsbit if i cannot but the turret in your game I ganna quit this oxide fr
  5. You should delete the helicopter in this game cause it like a cheating then it's sooooo unfair for other poor people play this game. They're just watching the player has copters flying in the sky......Maybe its good if you add another car like 4 seat then your team can ride in car too
  6. Please report this cheater brooDA237FF4E4E1EC5
  7. 5B7D36DEE649F15A (ign_ gg my friend)he's cheater autoaim
  8. El guapo


    4374F0AF469962F6 he used soft aim