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  1. Bjbn said this: every one is telling Catsbit to remove the prop limit, but none is telling them how that are gong to solve the optimization eschew lemy explain... their are 2 kinds of props game-objects with physics. (the little bouncing apple, or bottle, or CHAINSAW!!!) ("rigidbody enabled") and game-objects with no physics. (walls, the watchtower, the helipad,) ("rigidbody disabled") if an object has physics it means that you're phone must calculate gravity and other physics related processes, and then render that motion, including the motion of objects out of the camera view (so when you turn around objects aren't floating in space) this slows you phone down and reduces the frame rate. (you have probably witnessed this when you placed too many cars.) if an object dose not have physics enabled, you phone has an ez time rendering. and runs well with even large quantities of props. I think that, catsbit should give those two kinds of objects different prop limits. Edited May 6 by bjb3n So THAT MEANS THAT THEY HAVE TO BE WORKING SO HARD TO GET just a little prop limit
  2. I would love if there was a sign on system where you can be in multiple devices and all your data can be saved, thus our builds will be saved and we can make a mini workshop SO KEEP THAT IN MIND Sincerely by your truest Mii, Mr.Mii27 peace in and peace out B)
  3. Yea every time I get to a car it’ll make me stuck even if I respawn it will show the car control hud fix please