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  1. inwas wondering the samething when is 3.0 update for ios ?
  2. recording thats why but ya he was man i was in my base chilling he came in thru the walls n killed me first pic and then i was like wtf respawned into my bag and he was already running from my base with what he grabbed and he got kicked by server and i heard the death sound went out door and i seen a bag in water inwent to it and it was his all if mystiff he took and whoever elses he was robbing wallhackn too i grabbed it ran back too my base and thqts when he reapawned back in came straigyt to my base did the same thing i have five mins of all that but it wint let me upload it too here its to big it says but i dont just go out of my way too say and ask to get someone banned for cheating but he was . he killed yhe server of people playing because of it but it is what it is thx anyways
  3. IMG_1920.MOV IMG_1919.MOV
  4. kennymonstr walkn thru walls taking all your stuff plz just happen 3 to 5 mins ago eur 4 plz hes there now. pic rite now sry uploadn vid now
  5. Grampzz


    ok cool rite on ty
  6. Grampzz


    less than five mins ago eu 4 kicked for suspected of cheating sorry i dont cheat ! my battery was at 1% i was in the process of pluging in and i get that .
  7. this guy walked thru two metal doors and killed me stole my stuff .. and too rub it in he went thru my metal walls this was on eu4 server like 15 25 mins ago i couldnt get a video of him doing it all i could do was screenshot of his name after he killed me . and the server said is going to kick for suspected cheating but it didnt