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  1. 11 hours ago, SAMURAI_UA said:


    Дуже не вистачає похилого даху і прив’язки фундаментів один до одного на різних рівнях. Також не були б зайвими половинчасті стіни.

    Дякую за чудову гру!

    Спасибо за предложения! 

  2. 2 hours ago, Welynprint said:


    Sorry, I see no video from you to approve 😯

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  3. 2 minutes ago, ₱ⱧØɆ₦łӾ said:

    I have no idea how this works, and idk if what I said even is true (probably not).

    Its an interesting way of trapping animals, specifically deer (the other animals attack), idk how you could fix this, but I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's supposed to work IRL, this worked multiple time in a row, so its not just a one time glitch. Also, the animals keep running away from me and going into the ocean (where players can't go), I don't think this is a fair tactic to use, mainly cause I can't get the food and other stuff, can you give them the same boundaries as the players? Thx


    Thanks for the record. 

    Yes, we know about this glitch. It needs fixing. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, 0EFIPEESY said:


    could add Team formation in the game being 4 slots per team so you can see the number above the head of our partners, Add metal or iron armor, 3x sights and a sniper, And 2 other weapons, And 2 or 3 more locations now farm.

    I think it would be very good for the game, and more sensitivity because it is low.

    Thanks for suggestions! 

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  5. On 10/23/2021 at 10:27 PM, The Devil said:

     I logged on to a server, went to my base, started cooking my ore, and was kicked. I AM NOT CHEATING. I DONT CHEAT. When I relogged, I LOST MY ENTIRE INVENTORY. MY GUNS, ALL OF MY ORE, LEATHER, CLOTH, MEAT, WATER, EVERYTHING. I WANT IT ALL BACK. NOW.  I SPENT ALL THAT TIME. GIVE ME IT BACK NOW.  

    @The Devil

    I understand that you are upset about loosing all your items.

    We are really sorry. We were testing our anticheat, the game is still in alpha version, there are some failure. 

    Hope with the next updates you will enjoy the game more than now. 

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  6. 15 hours ago, OGslfox said:

    Catsbit literally just said that oxide is the updated version of ss they aren't two different games their the same game

    I wouldn't say so. 

    As Oxide is in its alpha version, it seems like an updated version of SS. 

    But in the future we are planning different ways for both of these games. SS is supposed to be like The Forest, Oxide like Rust  

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  7. On 10/22/2021 at 1:04 AM, Fruitado said:

    I meant in the future will we be able to make our own servers

    Unfortunately, in this game there will be no option for players to create their own servers. 

  8. 2 hours ago, InfinityHunterxDD said:

    Happened to me while I was chasing someone then got kicked spawned somewhere different walked back to my 1×2 with tc and door tryed placing a furnace after I placed tc lagged and had to dc (Eu5)

    What number of reason (1, 2 or 3) was shown to you? 

  9. On 10/19/2021 at 8:46 PM, Akbar said:

    It would be a good test of that! We Brazilians need a dedicated server because we suffer a lot from high ping. I believe people from other countries need it too!

    Do you have high ping even on US based servers? 

  10. 14 hours ago, Blaer said:

     It's better not to touch it, because the characters are lagging (everyone has a high ping)

     It's better not to touch it, because the characters are lagging (everyone has a high ping)

     Building / House:
     Add a menu for dismantling buildings.
     Add an iron chest. (16 places)

     Increase the health of the closet.

     Add adding to the closet of friends (for now, it's better not to do this, the map is small, there will be clans that will destroy everyone and online will fall).

     Add small bombs (for wooden buildings)
     Add loot bags for stoves, chests, cabinets.
     Add sleeping character when exiting the game, bag on death.

     Enlarge map × 1.5.
     Add more P.  T

     Russifier - p.s if necessary, I can work on it.

    What country do you live in? Asking because of your high ping 

  11. 22 hours ago, xAnonyPowerZ said:

    Hey everyone!!

    I wana talk about the cupboard upkeep cost/ use of it.

    before the update it was cheap. I did build a 7x7 5 high and it did cost me around 1,8k. To keep it up for 1 day

    After update 

    now after the update i did build the same but then 4 high. And now it cost 2,8k. Upkeep 1day.

    And that is just to much to do in your own.


    Perhaps it's beter to decrease it with 40% on logs? And add stone and metall to the cupboard. In the following way for example.

    Stone base

    2 by 2 cost around 50 logs and 100 stone for 24hours 

    Metall base 

    2 by 2 costs 50 logs , 80 stone and 180 metall for 24hours 

    Reason for a change?

    like I said you are more farming to keep your base up then doing other things in the game. And that takes the fun away in the game. 

    And also the reason for raiding. Since everyone is making a 2 by 2 completely metall with zero reason to have it. And comes back after 12hours in the game. 


    Sharing 1 base. 

    since the upkeep is so high you are needed to share a base to keep it up easy what brings the following problem. The one that did place the cupboard can only build/ open the doors (unless you placed them before the Cupboard has been placed)

    Is there away to make it so that more people can use 1 cupboard? Like in the original game it self? It boost the way of teaming with others more. And a way to make friends in the game and what a useful things is for after a server wipe. 

    locking doors on a base (for the Update) 

    remove the locks from the doors.

    Let the player make it him self. (I understand its a nice add to it but sometimes annoying for example you are building a base. And a Newby comes around and he did make a door and while you are building it he slaps a door on the base (while cupboard has not been placed yet.)


    New features (For the update) 

    ▪︎Code-Locks + keylock

    ▪︎Unlocked doors after crafting

    ▪︎Cupboard sharing/clearing 

    ▪︎Known Bugs/glitch fixes (If found out how to do. ""No rush keep ur head slowly working on it""

    ▪︎Base protection (Shotgun trap / sentrygun) if that is possible in the game ~not cussing lagg spikes for example ~

    ▪︎Triangle foundation + Floor 

    ▪︎Able to pickup doors (if you have build privileges) 

    ▪︎Removing walls,floors e.c.t With the hammer.

    ▪︎Full inventory Dropping the crafting item. Or block the item in crafting until you have space.      At this point 👉 after crafting is done the item will be lost (also the resources you used for it) 

    ▪︎Mute / block a player in chat (language problems,spamm,toxic,racism  e.c.t) 

    ▪︎Weapons [Gun's] Increasing the cost ~ because its easy to craft a Rifle and other fast killing Gun's (this boost the use of a bow and Spear for a new player. 

    ▪︎Upgrade from wood to stone,metall shows the cost on the thing you wana lvl up. For example looking at a wall 200/200 upgrade 40 stone (while holding the hammer) 

    ▪︎Furnace,box,cupboard after distroying dropping a box/bag (If there was items in it) or els raiding is basically useless 

    ▪︎Increase the Wall, foundation durability vs doors. Make doors easier to break then walls and walls fast then foundation. And floors   

     ~ Pickaxe deals first  3hits and then 2 hits to do 2HP Make is so that that only applies on doors Wood weaker then metall door and alot weaker then armoured door. And the same for Walls/foundation/floor's 

    ""Wooden door 5Hits for 2HP *Pickaxe)

    ""Metall door 10Hits for 2HP *pickaxe)

    ""Armoured door *Rocket/heavy dmg only) ~ also for Metall Walls,Foundation, floor [Rocket/Gun's only]

    ▪︎Game voice chat ~ If possible to add it

    ▪︎Clan /group /team party's  *Shows in game diffrent color tag

    ▪︎Chat functions 》Server chat , party chat, Private chat    ~ ( or els people need to share/give their discord or other social media to keep contact ( most likely end up wrong )

    ▪︎Chainsaw to cut trees faster (takes alot of time.... ) [with not a to loud noise] 

    ▪︎Airdrop every 1 hour  / 2hours (with chat notification 

    ▪︎C4 with a loud surrounding effect 2 blocks near it can hear the explosion (also for Rocket)

    ▪︎Assault rifle Single / auto selection 

    ▪︎Can't place or use notification in chat to be removed and being showed with a red ❌  or item showing Red (to remove the spamm notification in chat)    *You don't have notification is perfect 👌 👍 

    ▪︎Report Bugg/Player ingame option? With the option to select a user in the server {typing is not always possible} Not everyone can find the forum or wana use it. To report some thing/someone [Shows forum icon beter] 

    ▪︎Backgroud sounds edit option to lower it. (You will get crazy 🤪  of thst bird sometimes)


    So far this is what I think has to be added during the next 2/3 Updates (no need to add it all in one's 

    @Catsbit.Care & @Catsbit.Dev 

    Greetings xAnonyPowerZ 

    ps.... sorry for the longgggg List😄😆 I was bored 

    No need to reply on this message Like is more then enough I will really appreciate it 😉👍 

    I think that there's a need to reply!

    Thanks for your very useful suggestions! I've added a lot in our to-do list! 

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  12. On 10/17/2021 at 2:23 AM, Emo Johnny/Bones said:

    Hey @Catsbit.Care

    Ok so I’m wondering if you can shed some light on the restarts.

    If possible id like to know exactly when they are, and how often.

    Coz of the door bug, making doors disappear.

    Also can you please tell us what is supposed to happen after a wipe?

    All bases supposed to disappear? Because some stay and some go.

    Does a Tool cupboard make any difference?



    Restarts are made for servers to operate stable. We make restarts regularly, it depends on the load of servers. Resources have no impact here. Bigger map would't help. Optiimization would help. 

    After the restart all buildings and resources are supposed to stay. There's no bug with doors now, that was fixed on our server update.  

    Wipes go with updates. After wipes all is gone. "Because some stay and some go" sounds like nonsense. 


  13. 11 hours ago, ReignOfKings said:


    Any chance we will get servers for other regions in the future? Or will players be able to purchase/make their own servers? I would buy and host my own server, if I could. So that I didn't have to play on EU one with 350-450 ping.


    What country do you live in?

  14. 22 hours ago, Welynprint said:

    Server #9 just disapeared on lobby. It also happens to my friends

    There was a failure after restart. Sorry for the inconvenience 

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