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  1. 18 hours ago, ChrdVtlz said:

    hello I would like to change my nickname from ChrdVtlz to

    [TSW] ChrdVtlz.

    Many people add me and I cant see the server list. please change my nickname. here's my id. thanks



    to be honest, i don't believe that's the reason 😅 but ok, it's changed

  2. On 10/5/2022 at 11:08 PM, Pisunchick said:

    Я не знаю баг это или нет, но когда я улучшаю фундамент на котором что-то стоит, пишет есть препятствия!

    Исправьте в обновлении пожалуйста!

    Добрый день, 

    а что именно стоит? какой-то конкретный объект? 

  3. 11 hours ago, bellasmith said:

    - Will you ever create a new server where there are no rockets so you can’t damage bases but all guns still do damage to other players so we can still kill players. I would really like you to add this server type as pve can be boring sometimes so it would be cool to still have fun killing players but everyone can still have fun Building and keeping their bases. I don’t mean to add this feature to the pve servers I mean to create one or two servers with this option so guns are still used for pvp but rockets stay locked and no one can use rockets. 

    - Also can you increase server restart warning from 10 seconds to like 30 seconds so we have more time to organise stuff like landing our helis etc

    - can you also make it so we can eat and drink while driving vehicles.

    Hi there, 

    1) To be honest, i see not much sense it that 

    2) ok,  warning 30 sec we can do it 

  4. 12 hours ago, Иван Добрый said:

    Нет , другие могут писать , а вот я немогу

    Уже все могут, баг решен, обновите игру до самой последней версии 

  5. Hi there, 

    Let me explain. 

    The system collects reports and shows us the players with the biggest amount of reports. We can't monitor all the players with 1 report 

    And sometimes even with huge amount of reports - we monitor this player, we follow his actions, we see how he was shooting etc and no reason for him to be banned