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  1. 22.01.2020 в 02:10, YT FrankzeeTank сказал:

    Very nice game! I can tell that a lot of work (and time) went into the game!

    Now for my suggestions:

    1. Add a passenger seat on a car, so that it people are playing together, they can travel together!

    2. Add a speedometer, or some sort of speed indicator, when you are driving a car.

    3. Add some sort of boost pad that you can place on the ground and on ramps. Currently, you are not able to drive up the ramps (if it is possible, let me know how!), and a strategically placed boost pad would do just the trick!

    If you have any questions about my suggestions, or want me to explain further, let me know! Thanks!


    Hi there, 

    No questions, everything is clear 🙂 

    Thanks for writing, we will consider your ideas. 

  2. 5 часов назад, MJ78 сказал:

    I have created a server, I constructed a few buildings as well as visitor's have constructed a few...  now I cannot build anymore, when I build something and leave, I re-enter and everything I built is gone, just the original structure is there.  My question is how do I start over? I've tried changing my name and the name of the server, it just keeps loading my old building.  Please let me know, thank you.


    Hi there, 

    We can advise to re-install the game on your phone. 

  3. 21.01.2020 в 01:10, MyOwnFake сказал:

    Hey guys! I can't find sulfur anymore! Where I can find it or I need craft this?

    Hi there, 

    Sulfur is still missing in the game. It will be added in the next update. 

  4. 20.01.2020 в 22:40, gleviant сказал:

    Someone was messing with the player limit, and there are many coin hackers as well. Will this be fixed in the next update?

    Hi there, 

    We are already working on the solution to this problem. We will reset all the hackers coins in the next update. 

    Thanks for your signal. 

  5. 21.01.2020 в 16:45, Wendlel сказал:

    1. Bed-you can sleep in the bed and if there are other players and you are sleeping then make the time to go fast and if all players sleep ,one moment later its day.

    2. Boats-land vehichles and planes-transportation make you travel faster and esier and you can make it in factories .

    3. Metal items-like metal home items ,metal tools , wires ,cooking items and others that you can think for esier game .

    4. Furnitures-like crafting table ,cabinet ,tables ,double bed for best game . 

    Thanks :¬)

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for suggestions! We will take them into consideration. 

  6. 19.01.2020 в 12:51, Wendlel сказал:

    Can't get resources (like gathering woods) when I play sometimes but restarting the game solve the problem and some items disappear during the game and when I exit the game


    Hi there, 

    Please precise your smartphone model. 

    Is there any error that occurs while getting resources? What particular resources disappeared? 

  7. 04.01.2020 в 23:49, gleviant сказал:

    I have a question.

    Will there be a way to obtain guns with the necessary ingredients?

    I can’t obtain any gun, without having to spend real money.


    Please answer, thanks for reading this.

    Hi there, 

    For sure you can! Crafting guns requires ingredients that you can easily get. Usually it is metal fragment, logs and cloth. With what ingredient do you have problems? 

  8. 14 часов назад, Hady сказал:

    In game FPS no one got time to chatting with keyboard in phones so it will be easy to make  player communicate and speak with each other with Voice chat or something like that

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for a suggestion. This idea is already taken into consideration. 

  9. 1 час назад, Динозавр сказал:


    Есть 2 бага,которые я хочу рассказать.

    1.Если подойти к машине и удалить её,то значок "сесть в машину" не исчезает,и при нажатии не происходит ничего.

    2.Если залезть на вышку и удалить ее,ты станешь летать.

    Я знаю еще несколько багов,но рассказывать о них не буду.

    Добрый день,

    А почему остальные баги не выдаете?) 

  10. 1 час назад, Динозавр сказал:

    Здравствуйте.Мои предложения:

    1. Загрузка миров в оффлайне.

    2. Отдельные настройки в мире- Выключение оружия,Бан.

    3. Больше вещей,украшений для дома.

    4.Добавьте отдельные вертолеты служб - новостной,военный,полицейский и т.д.

    5. Лимит предметов- 1000 слишком мало!Нужно хотя-бы 5000.

    6. Больше скинов.

    7. Больше оружий.

    8. Добавьте больше места для сообщения в чате,например,как сейчас и как может стать.

    Было:Э ты зачем сломал мой до..........

    Стало:Эй,ты зачем мой дом сломал,я сейчас хоста скажу чтобы он тебя кикнул (ну например такая ситуация)

    Это все!

    С уважением,



    Добрый день,

    Благодарим за предложения.

    Надеемся их воплотить в следующем обновлении.

  11. 7 часов назад, gleviant сказал:

    This game is awesome, I would play it for hours but..

    There are some major bugs, and I will try to describe them as clear as possible.


    Bug #1 - This bug involves multiplayer, whenever I go hunting for animals it goes pretty smooth. I manage to kill them, and loot them. The problem is even after I kill the animal, it still shows for other players that the animal is still alive even though I killed it. So, after that it shows for other players that the animal is killing me, even though I killed it in the first place. Causing me to die on their screen but not on my screen. So, technically I become invisible to other players, and I have to rejoin so my friends can see me again which causes me to lose some of my progress, and tools which I will explain on the next bug.

    Bug #2 - This bug also involves multiplayer but is not too problematic, it’s just whenever I get loot from other players on other servers I keep on losing them, after I leave the server to join a new one. Which is pretty annoying, because I keep on losing all my tools, and armor. I think this one is huge, because all that progress will just be gone. Causing players to quit, and not enjoy the game anymore.

    In my opinion, multiplayer has the most bugs. I recommend that the developers should look forward into fixing bugs that involves with multiplayer. I think it will make the game better as a whole, because that is one of it’s biggest attractions, multiplayer.

    Hi there, 

    You are extremely right - multiplayer is one of the main advantages and attractions of the game. Bugs occurred with it should be fixed in the first instance. 

    That's why thank you very much for clearly describing problems you faced. 

    We will try to find a solution to them. 

  12. 9 часов назад, Jnts сказал:

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to have another way to contact the company? something you answer me and it's private

    Hi there, 

    Please write an email at 

  13. Hi there, 

    Please precise your problem/suggestion in more details. 

    Because at the moment the game already allows to create a server, to chose the number of players there, to save the map and to load this map the next time you enter the game. 

  14. 02.01.2020 в 21:26, Miguel сказал:

    I thing you should add accounts and also a Bluetooth multiplayer me and my friends go to places with no internet

    Hi there, 

    Unfortunately, at the moment we do not plan to create an offline version.

  15. 24.12.2019 в 00:40, HASH GARL сказал:

    I would like you to add an option in which when the real creator of the server comes back to his or her server he or she shall be the owner again and if the player wants his or her server to be permanent he can do so because I had worked very hard on my server I created large and tall buildings but when I left the server owner changed and after some time it disappeared I was very disappointed but I love your game please add this option it's a request 

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for writing. Hope to find a solution to this problem. 

  16. 31.12.2019 в 23:03, ђђאקภ๏รє сказал:

    Like i heard in other posts and in the Sandbox Code you will make a login system in the next Update... If its right, you can make ranks for staff. If you do this i want to applicate to moderator or supporter. To explain: The ranks can kick for example people Out of Server without be the owner, or delete Servers... And a little suggest: Ban Function and custom ban/kick message

    Thanks for reading

    Your ђђאקภ๏รє

    Hi there, 

    You clearly explained your idea. Thanks for suggesting! We will keep it in mind.