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  1. Some bugs: When you kill an animal it keeps moving and happens ALL the time The server lags over time, the mobs keep spawning and spawning and in a matter of minutes is unplayable with 8 players The "next" button in the server list doesn't work, and sometimes the password can be broken. You put an Impossible password and then a random player comes into your private server Sometimes when you craft more than 2 items the timer stops. When the host quits the server not just the server is deleted but ALL items that are on the craft queue are lost The bow aim doesnt fit correctly to the character Sometimes when you try to place something on the forest floor It desappears Sometimes when you craft something, and later on you craft It again the inventory doesnt stack the items Server list says It is full but sometimes It is not, or the oposite. Sometimes when you drop tools on the ground they disappear Game doesnt let you close 4 walls If there is a Stair on that foundation. Sometimes when you kill a player the corpse bugs in the air Additional info My phone is an Xiaomi Pocophone 6/128GB App downloaded from the Google Play Store at v.0.2.0