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  1. What…you think it’s cool how your basically old enough to be my dad?? Um okay lol
  2. And also the guy has been previously banned he’s created a new account.
  3. I understand we have to have proof I’m just saying it’s a struggle to get proof because when the guy hacked into my base it was literally so quick there was no time to take a screenshot and he was shooting at me aswell so I was trying to avoid being killed rather than screen recording.
  4. Oh shut up Johnny your obsessed with defending catsbit maybe they should actually fix their game and prevent people from hacking also I’m not buying a whole new device just to have a second account that’s so ridiculous I stopped playing
  5. All my doors have disappeared along with everything inside my base, was this because of a server restart or is this a glitch ?
  6. In another report, his user was GodMode69 and you guys banned him now he’s changed his user to GodMode1.
  7. @Catsbit.Care see it’s clear the guy who hacked my base which I just posted about his user was godmode1 I’m guessing this was his old account as godmode69
  8. I think it’s bullshit if we need video proof of this happening. Do you really expect us to have time to go out of the game start screen record and go back in without being killed ? And without giving them time to get away? As soon as I saw him jump through he killed me.
  9. This happened on server 2.
  10. Please ban GodMode1 A few days ago I created a base, he stole it from me by hacking through the walls and then I took my base back today, it took me so long to make and now when I came back online I found him in MY BASE which I had redone and he hacked through the walls and shot and killed me and stole everything in my furnaces. He kept jumping through my metal walls, completely unfair I’m deleting this game it’s so shit if there’s hackers there’s no way to play fairly now. Please ban him this is so unfair. His user is GodMode1. You can see in the screenshot down below that he killed me right where my sleeping bag is which is IN my base. And you can also see the distance which is 1.4m proving he was in my base I didn’t have time to screenrecord him hacking through my walls. I’ve lost everything, every single day I keep getting hacked so I can’t even keep anything in my base, i will not be redownloading this game until this is fixed. Hopefully you can sort this out.
  11. People keep hacking through bases, they hack through multiple doors so therefore I can’t keep anything in my base anymore cause it gets stolen literally every hour and they ruin my cupboard aswell. So I have to keep all my stuff on me and I just got killed so lost everything this is making it so stressful to play as I can’t keep anything in my base as it gets hacked so when I get killed I lose every single thing.