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  1. @Catsbit.Care Seems like Every time I blow up a base or a person it either kicks me before I shoot it or I get glitched out an others around me don’t an this has resulted to a few deaths. & as a person that spends a lot of time making/collecting resources it’s not quite fair, it’s an easy kill for others?? I feel as if the rpg has become pointless to use because of the glitch. Pretty much wasting rockets on glitching an getting killed ? I put a lot of time into this game I hope this can get fixed ??

  2. in my opinion , this player Johnny/bones likes to start shit then turn it around on others an TRY to make it seem like they started it all. He has even sexually harassed me an is still on the game?? How is it okay to stalk someone an jump thru severs to tell them that they want to “wine and dine you”? ?Obviously Johnny/bones is CLEARLY older than most of us. Why let him get away with foul game play ? That’s a “grown” man, & This ain’t right . 15 ppl an probably more have been a “victim” to Johnny/bones shit.. idk how much more proof ya need ???‍♀️