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  1. Bee$


    I would love to see catsbit himself get on oxide & play.
  2. Bee$


    Are you even trying to get rid of hackers??? Why is almost every server you own filled with hackers?? I got screenshots of people admitting to cheating I report them and they still there. 🤔 is it a money maker? I’m curious now. You have people on here that spend literal money just to get fucked over by hackers or our weapons not even work. The other day I had a hacker stuck to my back like a leech following me trying to kill me with a stone hatchet, I had to dc so they’d get off my character & then right after I decide to come back I decided to go collecting an when I got around certain players my game would completely freeze up an make either ak shots or shotgun noises while slowly killing my character. I love this game but hackers are taking it over day by day.
  3. Bee$


    Is player banned?
  4. Bee$


    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  5. Bee$


    In video you can see a player named Rocket Boom falling through the map using kick hack. I tried to record the part an post it to forum but it wasn’t allowing me to post it. Player is on US #30. @Catsbit.Care
  6. Seems like y’all just wanna argue ??‍♀️ . Who cares what other people use ? It’s a SURVIVAL game , you do what you do best and I’ll do the same ??? . Goodnight ladies?
  7. @mooooooooooooooooo so what , y’all use bows I use rockets , what’s the issue ? ?
  8. & yes I rocket pvp , who gon come get some ????
  9. How can I lose a gun fight when they BARLEY even register a hit ? Lol . Make that make sense .. turn the rockets up IF anything ??? y’all complain about hackers but want to turn everything down , this is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played but y’all making it shitty (excuse my French) with your lame advice for @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev . The rockets are the best thing about this game , what house can you take out with a gun ? I’d like to know … @Mohamed dz
  10. Acting like y’all have never miss spelled a word . C’mon now ??
  11. Y’all act like a and s on the keyboard aren’t right next to each other , get a lifeee ? y’all got nothing to say but my grammar, do better guys ??‍♀️?
  12. Watch how many people leave when the rockets get turned down , mark my word ???
  13. SURVIVAL SIMULATOR , catsbits other game that has NO rockets for the people that are complaining about it . Leave the rockets alone tho ??? if anything , turn them up .. the guns are already trash so let’s turn the rockets down ? Makes no sense to me .. this game is becoming trash … y’all giving catabit the wrong ideas lol ??
  14. IMG_9483.MOV IMG_9484.MOV Dude is using platforms to get away , instead this time in the video you can see he turned platform to stone to use as shield to kill me, this person had added me before this video to try to “team” and then has done this multiple times . US #3 Name : RissterHackF