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  1. [α‘•α‘•]π˜…π—”π—»π—Όπ—»π˜†#4182
  2. Your base base been raided yesterday by super:) and Jmoney. There are no new bases around the map. And you base has been build today. And we have seen you coming out of that. You need to know how you play the game. Before you tell me that I have admin "capabilities"
  3. Thanks for the profit. I told you I did know your base. [We know all bases and new ones]
  4. Like i said. I'm not a administrator. .. You guys think I'm a administrator since I reply on the forums
  5. Hey, Can you perhaps tell me the following information? Your FPS and the server PING? It might is because you are Lagging for the server what makes you detected as cheating.
  7. There is a option to mute the user. Unless it's taking to far report his message. (Screenshot's/ recording)
  9. Okee then start writing them you will be more useful by that. Then bragging about it.
  10. For this you need to contact the developers. @Catsbit.Care or @Catsbit.Dev [ But dev. Dont check the forums that often.
  11. At the start of the game. [When you did download it] it gives you a option. Login with gues account. Or Google play. And apparently you have selected Guest account
  12. Yes it's allowed. People also using Bluestack [pc] to play the game. And I using phone to keep it kinda fair play.
  13. Send a message edit with photo easy. Or send me the photo here. I'm curious [α‘•α‘•]π˜…π—”π—»π—Όπ—»π˜†#4182
  14. But I respect you trying to get your attention from me. But unfortunately you have 0 proof of me using. The Cheats/ Bug to get out of a fight. Might check Diego Sulfuro his Yt. Or check all my videos to see I don't DC for a fight. And I have plenty of people that can proof it to you
  15. try me brother. Assuming me for fake stuff. V3 ain't a mod menu. Just so that you know
  16. I think you mean how to escape from a trap base? Yes alot of YouTuber also use it.. But I don't use that or DC from fights. Since I accept my lost.
  17. If you know someone that uses the foundation glitch. Then Record and report [it's bugg using]
  18. Great suggestion. But keep in mind. if this gets added don't complain please about death by a cheater. Because no matter if you Dc. You still have to restart your work Because this is the reason why didn't still didn't do it [>But thats just my opinion<]
  19. Π­Ρ‚ΠΎ вСрнСтся ΠΊ РоТдСству.