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  1. I'm dont play until the next update. To make sure others are having a great time in the game. Since I kill them all and they have 0 changes to kill me
  2. There is a way to by pas the walking sound. (It's not always easy to do) it's a trick in the game to be silently.
  3. The developers can only Ban someone if there is a clear screenshot of the cheat. Or a recording of it. With the name of the cheater visible. That's the only way to get them banned.
  4. Hey, It's easy to find people in the map. And there is no cheat for that kind of thing.
  5. Sorry @Grampzz this is a game bugg with the anti cheat program. You are not getting in problems when you got kicked a few times.
  6. Sorry there is really no way for a developer/moderator to look this up in game. The only way to make sure to get them all banned is to report them with a screenshot (of the cheat in action, ) or the beter way is to screen record it. There are less people that can keep up the in-game problems. We got only 2 people that are working on buggs/adding new features. Thanks for your understanding
  7. The reason why Muhammad has 0 friends anymore he deleted them all (joking)
  8. Hey. This is a mobile game. It will not be fair if we have pc gamers playing on pc. While everyone els has to use 2 fingers to move and shoot. And you can just turn around and shoot ect. So if you don't like the way it has been made then please just play on mobile it self. Playing on Pc makes mobile games easy. And not fair. That's the point. To not have it been added.
  9. Survival Simulator is the game where you can play singleplayer.
  10. This bugg has been known. And catbit.created is not a developer. So no need to @ him
  11. Heyy @fireball6360 on this game there will be no option for single player. On the other game there is a option for it. To do singleplayer.
  12. @Catsbit.Care this person is using the cheat. They using this method to get in a base. But this person probably don't know how to use it. (New cheat user) or he just wanted to get up the base and not in. There is no glitch to jump up a base its just a wall hack.
  13. Defending catbit.care?? Uhmm Perhaps you didn't understand him correctly. 1.Make a screenshot of the cheat ( in-action ) or make a screen recording that's the only way to get a cheater banned. 2. Ban a player with out proof leads to problems after it. That's why the developers need to see what truly happend. 3. You don't need to have a second phone. There is a application to split your device. So that your information of both are separated or use the app octopus to have a 3th account.
  14. Muhammad is not cheating. Nor even close to it he is easy to kill and I play with him alot and trust me he don't cheat
  15. Well Catsbit did all alot. Changed alot after update. And every change comes with buggs/Errors they are learning to. This game is a improvement of survival simulator. Just be patient for the next update / new servers (If it gets added)
  16. We currently have 14 servers. And +- 16 people are online on 1 server so we have plenty of them. I understand you want more servers for Brazil Spain and Mexico. But remember creating a server cost money and they are not cheap
  17. This is a clear screenshot of him getting out of the wall
  18. Got the same. But then with 5 players. All Russian they failed 1v5 me
  19. Can you perhaps tell me What server this is happening on? EU 4 / US 4 I will make sure that he/ they get recorded
  20. @Catsbit.Care it happend again!!
  21. Foundation glitch has been fixed on the update. You had a cheater at your base.
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    Just saw it ;))
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    Not full clear but no door at the back. And got inside to see with door is for outside