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  1. I think you are not choosing bases that people are online and have furnaces cooking. I usually find some loot, sometimes even boxes with loot in them.
  2. When you run, sometimes it kicks you for speedhacking... tonight it is super strict and people are getting kicked repeatedly. I stop running and walk frequently to simulate stamina now and it helps but I bet it is driving people nuts that haven't figured that out! Maybe a notice telling people to take run breaks and walk for a few seconds until it is fixed so noobs don't quit. If no one plays it will be boring...
  3. psykkoman

    Chat glitch

    I am uploading a video now where I try to chat in game, you can see how painful it is at times. Maybe it will help the devs, will be up in an hour or so on my youtube account of the same name.
  4. A report system with a screenshot feature would be great, I have found several bugs that were hard to explain and it would be so much easier than digging through footage which is a major pain to do.
  5. All I wanted was to play on a server these guys were not on a power trip in. I even left the server. I truly just want to farm and build the biggest pyramid I can and record people raiding it. Mod, I truly thought this would be a suggestion with context, I apologize for them coming into my thread I posted and being immature. I am only so mad because they are calling me a liar and a child, when I simply wanted to the players to not feel bullied by people saying admin in chat constantly letting people assume they are in game admins as I and others did. However, Jester did say they were in game admins, so why wouldn't we assume it? I just hope the whole chat is logged like bones kept saying in game. I agree with rose we need a block option, but that would not have solved half the server thinking they were admins. I will record any further problems, upload them and email the mod a link to avoid another interaction like this.
  6. I am not a child, a teeny bopper, or a karen... this is an example of the level of toxicity these players have and will have even here in forum. They call me child but look at this post smh
  7. I usually record all my game play as I edit some stuff into youtube videos, but have only been on this game for about a week now so wasn't recording me figure it out. I do however have a video I found editing last night that he indeed said he was admin in. I will post it to my youtube channel tonight under my same name I am everywhere on the internet so anyone can see. I will also be recording everything from here on out, so people cannot say I am doing wrong when and to encourage a safer environment through accountability. Thanks for letting me know there is someone out there paying attention besides "volunteers". I look forward to playing on servers this guy is not on and making some epic videos for all to enjoy!!
  8. Are you admin here? Please stop telling me I am misusing the forum in a post suggesting they have actual admins. It is an actual suggestion like my others and you do not want that to happen obviously.
  9. " Threatening to ban somebody is not a threat. " So you admit you threatened to ban someone in chat. This is what I am talking about... double speak and I have no patience for it.
  10. As far as the destroyer comment, the fact he was shooting naked in the back of the head was not my problem, it was the toxic chat and blatant racism. I know you have seen it too because I saw you comment about him in chat. I am not going to have a back and forth on a forum, I made people aware of the situation and am moving on. If it happens again I will just post the videos for all to see and people can decide for themselves what is going on, but if there is a chat log on server 2 for the evening of my post then they already know what was said and nothing said here will change what happened. ?
  11. You never specified discord rose, but I will add that Jester was the worst of them... He was threatening some kid in chat and then said he was banning him. He then said you have less than 24 hours before your banned. I replied It takes 24 hours for an admin to ban someone and he said yeah we have lives and other stuff to do. You guys need to not use admin in chat without specifying as I and others thought you was real admins until the chat incident. As for the age comment I will voice chat with anyone to prove my age, and I guarantee I am older than all of you. ? As for me being toxic, I was only responding to you guys and stand by whatever I said. I was mad about your guys misleading the server and you only replied I was being offensive when I would say to not be toxic and harass ppl. As for you bring traffic, what makes you think I do not? Also Bones I am not misusing this forum, I am not filing a complain about you but suggesting there be actual admins so people can not go on power trips because they know how to make a discord server. I have not broken any rules and it is what it is, I was just calling you out for the lies in chat for everyone to see so they would no longer be afraid to raid you since you are not admins. P.S. asking admins to ignore me does not make my screenshots not actual, and if I see you in server I am hitting screen record instantly and posting it unedited to youtube so everyone can see what is being said in chat. Happy Farming and ? Have fun playing the game. ?
  12. Prevent people from spamming chat with racist N words and curse words by having a chat filter like twohat or something similar.
  13. psykkoman

    Stone uses

    Make more uses for stone, or fix stone nodes so they do not have the same texture as metal from a distance. I get excited and as I approach my precious metal turns into stone like medusa just looked at it. lol Maybe an option to put a fireplace in base with a stone chimney for 500 stone that cooks meat faster and increases warmth faster for bases in the snow. I made the mistake of putting a bag in the snow base thinking I could spawn there and grab a kit. lmao between falling through the bag/floor and the amount of doors I had, it was worthless.
  14. psykkoman


    Make skins that can be bought, but do not make it pay 2 win so everyone can still enjoy the game.
  15. Rotate on screen compass 180 degrees so that the top of map is north and the sun rises in the east instead of the west.