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  1. This is another godmode69 that I posted screen shot he keeps makeing new accounts
  2. @Catsbit.Care I did post screen shot of him in wall and he still here
  3. I used a rocket and it made me crash I turn game off completely and used another rocket made me crash again. It said both rockets were used and no damage was done.
  4. Your good man. I just like to let yall know just in case ya know I love this game and want to see it thrive
  5. I cannot get on the server
  6. He came straight thru the walls
  7. Not a base but a 2 story thing he built around me with a window so he can shoot me and keeps spawning me back cause I made this post
  8. He has also traded me in a big building so I can't get out I have so much loot on me
  9. I cant get close he is aimboting so people can't get close
  10. Hacker us2 his name starts with t going thru walls and claiming people's bases
  11. How long do u think it will take I really wanna play