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  1. Better have bad graphics and no lag than good graphics and huge lag
  2. Shouldn't it be possible to place walls on top of floortiles even when there is no other walls under it? For example when building an over extension on a building. I saw it on a picture from april but couldn't do it on my own. The picture:
  3. Jossup

    Some ideas

    So basicaly I have been craving for a rust like game on mobile. Here are some things I would like to see added. • 24/7 hosted servers (maybe by you) • Lockable doors • Raiding • More tiers to buildings • Voice chat • Custumizable ingame UI • Looting (dead bodies, monuments) I am seriously amazed that this kind of a game exists and love the Rust Legacy vibe it gives off. Really like what you have done with this game so far. Keep up the good work and take care! Jossup
  4. • Leaving a server while crafting results in losing the resources. • Sometimes items disappear from boxes. Samsung Galaxy A70
  5. Hello! Was wondering how is the update coming along? Secondly, are you planning on creating an official Survival Simulator discord server? Lastly, what should we expect of this game? Will it be a Rust-like experience on mobile platform?