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  1. Eduh

    Clear loot

    whenever i'm playing and my internet goes down forgive all my loot
  2. Eduh

    Bugs server

    Mano com todo o respeito sei que está na fase beta mais está impossível de jogar muintos bugs hoje joguei literalmente o dia todo para chegar de noite o servidor bugar e não entrar e quando entrar mostrar que tudo que aprendi na bancada estava desaprendido sacanagem estou muinto magoado e bravo sinceramente
  3. I just got robbed without even having a destroyed structure, I don't know how else I got discouraged because I'm playing since an early age and I end up losing everything unfairly I hope they can solve it as soon as possible.
  4. Eduh

    Serv list

    i put a vpn from the united states and solved my problem
  5. Eduh

    Serv list

    as I said this is the second time it has happened to me, the last time took 1 day to come back .And that can be a problem because I'm going to lose everything I have again.
  6. Eduh

    Serv list

    this is the second time that I have not seen the list of servers Is maintenance going on? My internet is ok but no server appears
  7. Eduh


    I think the option of being able to assemble a team within the game would be interesting.
  8. Eduh

    Bug to leave

    When I enter the game he gives me a bath after 5 minutes of playing and this is not happening just with me Sorry for the English because I'm Brazilian When I log into the server I play for 7 minutes and the server spurs me on accusing me of hacking and it's happening with multiplayer I hope you guys can solve.... Thanks