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  1. And can you give a release date ?
  2. Hi, I really liked your game it’s awesome, I have a few suggestions that I will love to see in the game, 1-could you make like a kinda system to lock your doors. 2- Could you add biomes like mountains, ponds, or snow or relieves just to make the world more interesting or something like that. 3- That when you die you can get your loot back. 4- Sometimes hosts kick you for no reason so could you make the servers so it will be more fair. 5- Could you add more animals like bears, wolfs,crocodiles etc. 6-Friend list 7-Traps to kill animals (or peolple) ? 8- Near release date or something ? Sorry if I am too exigent, it’s because this is a game I love and I have talk to a lot of people in the game and they have the same thoughts. Thanks ?