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  1. Y E A A A jk I'm just saying for eg body shot like 3 shot and 2 shot for headshot the dev's can use some common sense
  2. Yea improvement needs to be done for sure let's ignore the hacker for sometime theres still many bugs such as so.etimes shooting the enemy with a bow and still no damage taken and I think the combat mechanic should be changed completely and make like rust like there should be no diff if u have a leather set of armor and a smg and dying to a pistol guy I'm trying to say gun damage should be increased and should feel like real life or like rust (just an opinion dont take srsly)
  3. mikee

    Update News

    My day has been made but I cant play it since my exam to 2 days later but yea I'm happy
  4. I mean how to show pic In this form for eg how to show a proof about a hacker,we need a picture dont we so I am telling how to put a pic
  5. How the hell to show pic man teach me brooo
  6. 1 hacker 2 pawn proof here griefing a innocent man's base name in russian can understand Id here B8397FBC3BF7753C hope u ban this guy
  7. Hmm ots kinda understandable what u are saying they should do so changes I agree but the vehicle got me a little uncomfortable u know the dev's told us that if the vehicle was free for us all then it would lag the server and make it unplayable so yea other things I agree dev's should listen to other ppl too
  8. Well I mean I get what u mean by this game being over alpha for a year and having no anti cheat but you must keep in mind too that these dev's are pretty unskilled and dosent have a company for financial income and on project evolution they maybe a big company and have a pretty large financial income and have skilled dev's to do the work for them so yea the diff is like sea and ocean ._.
  9. u know ur a menance qhen u rosponde to every single comment so far devs good work man no need to add new rhings in games for now just improve ur anti cheats thays all we care for now and ill help u in ur hacking hunting spree if i have time
  10. Can y'all chill bro I know the fact lmao, this is a copy we know okei we know we rised from the humiliation of memeio but yet cant u just appreciated the fact they are trying their best at making this game better? Or do they think this game should fall? No,no dev's would want their games to fall it's just the fact they were making a survival game or in ur language(copycat) we get it dood the dev's didnt just know this game was gonna be popular and catsbit has already made a game similar to this named survival island so theirs no need to be offended that game is like 3 or 4 yrs old did u say that it was a copy no,you did not in my guess u are just trying to discourage this game if it is get tf out of here we dont need u and about totlas,its just mad from unity's given tool and audio of rust guns and texture theres no special about it and the graphics about totlas u say hmph just search rust clones of memeio channel he had made a video about it like 3 yrs ago and some of them can be comparable to totlas BECAUSE ITS FROM UNITY ASWELL U DIKSUCKER
  11. a hacker name SAMETT !! guy putted a video on yt saying me sht like KiLlEd My BeTrAyErS where his teammate also has hacks so he kills them and sht like that happened his goddamn low life video ban his adim get this mf tell him no one cares aboit his godamn revenge and also ban his friend if u can too
  12. its been 1 years first of all congrats fron 1st anniversary sec it UPDATE time man feeling burned out so could u please add content such as new guns ,landmines or shotgun trap or auto turret or things like that it coukd mke some changes such as feeling of using a new gun trapping ppl for fun and things like that and third itz about anti cheat most normal players i knew also have started hacking and in game chats ppl are asking how to get cheats and sht like that so yeaaaa give us a ray of hope catsbit man and pls manage the rocket value bruv clans are abusing it and throwing rockets like bullets so yea might be time to increase their price like the gas price lul thats all
  13. its been almost 9 months of the game being released devs so i want u to know if u wanna make an anneversery if u could please limited time skins for free pls we are bored out of our mind with the same old gun so any new guns ,bandiges and medsticks,improved meele combat etc lova yall devs thanks for workimg hard on a game which has copy other game yet not giving up best hopes and wishes from mike :))))