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  1. I just don't want to be perma banned because of some glitchy code.. bad enough I was grinding hard, just placed my very first workbench, headed back out to farm scrap when some dude jumps into my base, starts attacking me. I felt it wasn't called for so I just ran around my base with that player trapped. During this cat and mouse in my base I was kicked, and since that point when kicked for suspected cheats, I haven't been able to connect to any server now without setting off anticheat... So now I just keep trying? Are there English moderators on US servers? Any mods here on the "official" forums wanna enlighten us? Just don't permanently ban me..
  2. Been playing for weeks now, players will recognize my name. I'm a farmer, builder and only hunt animals. I have no use for cheats since I prefer to grind and role play... Why since this update does it keep suspecting of cheating #2 and #3 which has no definitive meaning, ie; suspected cheating #3 is flyback or wall hack, or no damage, ping, etc. I delt with the overflow of cheaters before the update, and for a few hours today I didn't notice any while on the updated us server 5. Now I can't log back on to this specific server and I'm not going to waste my time grinding from start again if this is going to become normal to the point I'm game banned for suspected cheats when there's no proof because there's no cheats being used. I play on an LG Velvet using the screen for controls.. not emulating on PC and not using control devices. I play for fun and to kill some time, I'm not a PvP Chad and could care less about chasing down ppl for their loot. Unban me plz, whitelist me would be better! How could I prove innocence? Really enjoy the game since update, good job there! Wish I could continue playing....