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  1. I am literally just got angry and frustrated with this game.... first of Hacker's.. Wall Hacker raid our base and loot us. 2nd the aim of all weapons. Aim of the weapons just worst... please fix aim. For that aim bear hunting and player just killed many time... 3rd stable the connection please... 4th When the server restart or something happens player just randomly spawned random location.. For that problem player have to go to their location by foot... please fix this... random thing.. 5th when our axe just broken we can't make axe without wood... so please make a thing that never broken... because after that axe brakes we have to die other wise we can't make a axe... 6th player list scrolling problem that won't scroll down.. 7th stone ar very less in the map... please make all resource much more... 8th water problem, we can't drink water from ocean or some water area.. I die many time for this... please make a water bottle or something so we can store ocean water or water for drink... 9th Trees cutting are really frustrating.. one hit of the axe give 1 wood that really frustrating,please make that 5-10 please and also all resource as usual. 10th make the sensitivity of this game high please. That's enough for me to play this game... please do this what I said please. I hope you will reply soon. Thank you.