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  1. Hi there ! I've played this game for almost a year and I see some changes the bugs were gone ! But not until I'm disconnected (connection prroblem)from the game with a full inventory and I made a server again , to my surprise half of my inventory were gone ! I tried to restart the game 3 times but half of my inventory were still gone( maybe because of my internet connection), later on I managed to make a house and new items but I saw hackers joining my server and they kill other players, giving them guns, and making themselves invincible, so I kicked them and I join other servers and statred chopping woods and mining irons . While I am smelting my fuels are gone so I chop a tree with an axe but I can't gather wood I checked my inventory but nothing . This problem also happened on my LG phone earlier the phone i used this time is Nokia 1 . I hope this will be fixed and also add some hacker proofing so that the game will be fair. Overall i still enjoy the game.
  2. 1. Bed-you can sleep in the bed and if there are other players and you are sleeping then make the time to go fast and if all players sleep ,one moment later its day. 2. Boats-land vehichles and planes-transportation make you travel faster and esier and you can make it in factories . 3. Metal items-like metal home items ,metal tools , wires ,cooking items and others that you can think for esier game . 4. Furnitures-like crafting table ,cabinet ,tables ,double bed for best game . Thanks :¬)
  3. Hi! I've been playing this for hours but sometimes the the signal is lost but adding Offline mode or single player make people play the game even if there is no internet. Thanks for reading it!
  4. Add more features pls like adding vehicles animals and travelling oceans and finding islands trees shovel and ect. Thanks
  5. Can't get resources (like gathering woods) when I play sometimes but restarting the game solve the problem and some items disappear during the game and when I exit the game