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  1. He’s not wrong I had a friend try the invisible account and put a name in front. So you would have to use what he said then put the name to detect the account. Also since I know you are going to respond to this, I have a few buddies who would love to help you manage a discord server, we already have a boosted server you can help take over! Just an offer.
  2. @Catsbit.Care I’m positive, as you can see in the short clip, the other account is typing when I’m not and used the F slur. I have a full video of me having a conversation with them other account. I can’t submit though because the file is too big.
  3. Hey so I know this is going to be a little confusing. My ingame username is Smoothiezzz, I’m pretty well known considering I get reported daily cause people think I hack. I’ve recently been getting targeted, somehow someone has taken my username and is able to play at the same time as I. I’m afraid because of the stupid stuff he says I’m going to be banned for it. I have proof of a conversation with this account. Also proof there’s two mine and his in the players list. I’m submitting a picture of both of the same names, and a video of him talking when I’m not typing, the account also using slurs. This is happening on (Us) Server 3 FullSizeRender.MOV
  4. Smoothiezzz

    Server wipe

    Should have gave us a warning… couldn’t use all my stuff I had saved up because it wiped. I also was about to raid a 15 man clan with 50 rockets for content and now I can’t :/