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  1. I have the same problem with bow, can't headshot the animal smh. But guns still works so it's a bug.
  2. Imo dev should add a in-game News panel so everyone know when there are updates and wipes.
  3. Name: Armenia1 Server: Eu#1 Triple attack speed and triple speed. YouCut_20220121_120634114.mp4
  4. I met this type of hack a few time. $ BRAYAN $, EU#7. He can build in zones that's not allow building privilege(my base doesn't have roof but has TC), he can interact with building inside my base (furnace, chest, etc...). HE EVEN CAN GOES THROUGH DOOR. Though I killed him and get my stuff back, I forgot to recorded it to report here. Catsbit should start adding ability to lock the chest too.
  5. They should also reduce AoE range of rockets.
  6. Sorry for the vid, here's the reupload. YouCut_20220112_112314980.mp4
  7. Before the server wiping, I hadn't seen many hackers in EU#13 server (only the infamous Enoc). Now after the update, several Chinese start using speed hack. Here's one of them. I'll post more in this topic when I record more. YouCut_20220112_110909333.mp4 YouCut_20220112_110909333.mp4 YouCut_20220112_110909333.mp4