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  1. I’ll answer that . Time unknown . Because the developers have their lives so they try the best. Did I memorise it right ?
  2. 0 response … thanks boys
  3. Hello sorry for bothering again . Please can you just make a wipe ? Fresh start . And when you are ready with bug fixes and stuff wipe the servers again . Me and my teammates are waiting for the wipe . It’s already been a month !
  4. Almost a month since last update … will it take much longer ?
  5. Our numbers are growing up . If you need teammates for next wipe just hit the link .
  6. The link is above . Join us and let’s play together . Everyone is welcome
  7. Man I look forward for the new wipe. Whoever wants to play together join my discord it’s in suggestions section .
  8. The message with the link is hidden . Can you please activate it ? It needs your approval to be shown by everyone
  9. Ok I updated the server name . If possible , let the other players see the link to this server . Thank you
  10. Can I use something like Oxide Team Finder , or something . I really want to connect with players . Just tell me the name and I will rename the server
  11. This is the new server , it’s not official but we will make it perfect to find teammates and create friendships through oxide survival island
  12. RestInPieces


    Is that ok if I make a discord server for oxide ? Can I give a link in the description ?
  13. It doesn’t make any sense . Did you base last 2 days ? That’s the problem . The game itself is a non life game , if you play , you log in like every couple hours to check everything is ok . That’s why having a 15 days wipe is legit . If play for 20 days straight and for some reason I have to log off for 2 days , my base is gone for sure and that’s not logical at all . All I propose is something similar to rust . Rust it self is one of the most successful games in its category . Give it a thought and the developers actually have a huge opportunity to make a legit mobile game ! Just give it some more work .
  14. I read again your post and i misread it first …. Yeah can you make the wipe a 15 days thing ?
  15. You own server 3 main ? Give it a wipe on Monday ! I will join with my friends and support you