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  1. Добрый Ночи Читер Айм на калаш сервер 17 Европа Вот видео https://youtu.be/DGdUvu6avOE
  2. good night, please ban the cheater in this video you can see that he is a cheater server 17eu
  3. Привет да читак тот ещё
  4. good night, please ban the cheater nickname хйла in this video you can see that he is a cheater server 17eu https://youtu.be/OCyVK1sLMao
  5. Poco x3 pro Xiaomi android 13
  6. Привет и чем ты им хочешь помочь донатом?
  7. looking forward to the update thank you for your work game.
  8. Zabante please Cheater server 44 aim kills through the walls nik zqrndndn 20220416_360p.mp4
  9. hello to all the players and developers of the game .this is no good anymore Cheaters have developed new cheats where there is no chance for ordinary players to play .soon the players will leave the game and I 'm starting to think about it . finally fix the anti-cheat or the system in the game where cheats will not work.
  10. good night, please ban the cheater nick бебриоо bebrioo ev 10 server 20220408_360p.mp4
  11. good evening cheater nickname LT Farmers 20220330_360p.mpeg
  12. good night, I had a problem not entering the game yesterday I was shooting the content everything was fine and today it's like in the photo . tell me what to do and I will be a youtuber for this game Mishko play
  13. hello Dear Developers, I am very glad to hear that you have not abandoned the game and We are very much waiting for Updates, if possible in the LCH messages a little information for my subscribers who are coming to this game more and more. I'll be waiting!
  14. Good afternoon, I'm on YouTube for this game! The game is very exciting, but my subscribers ask a lot of questions about the game, but unfortunately I don't have an answer to them. how can I talk to you about the game ? and ask a couple of questions?