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  1. When I want to upload the video it says "-200". I don't know if there is another way to share the video. Anyway, there are a lot of witness players. Sorry for the English, I'm using the translator.
  2. Nick: 把我留在街区. luffymc FauleHD2.0 Server: [BR] [0.3] oxide #2 Reason: Hi... On the oxide BR 2 server there are 3 users, which are carrying hacks (speed hack, lunar gravity and possibly aimbot) which are taking over the server. They use their profits to force people to pay 200 metal and sulfur, or else they rockets their house. Please ban them, otherwise the server experience is very bad and it's tiring to have 3 hackers taking over out of nowhere as if they were "admins". Thanks for reading There you have the proof that they use hacks Sorry for the quality of the video Likewise it is clearly seen, as 把我留在街区. Together with luffymc they have speed hack