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  1. Player constantly offends other players, his behavior is very toxic using vulgar words against others Server: US 16 Nick: OlderMasters
  2. It is something important the clans, of the most important for the gameplay in fact
  3. Create options for put options to create clans or tribes
  4. Create a betting system with casino machines by means of scrap ?
  5. The walls or external barriers to defend the base can be climbed by jumping simultaneously, this eliminates the sense of the structure, the walls should not be able to be scaled their purpose is to protect and prevent the passage of players.
  6. Discord is the most viable and active community for communication and feedback with users, this would be a great tool for game improvements and support, management of several communities and be of its great positive reach.
  7. PhOxGmesYT

    Server wipe

    What date is the wipe scheduled for?