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  1. Likeeh

    Bug abuse.

    (noobbbh) (fiel⁷⁷) (matheus.zl) the 3 were abusing the bug to kill us and noobnbh was helping dps but he was also helping.
  2. I've done everything, restarted my cell phone, uninstalled and installed my oxide, tested my internet, and my oxide doesn't want to work.
  3. Adicionar um sistema q proibi colocar outros caracteres no nick , como ☠︎︎༒︎✞︎ etc, pois com isso tem players abusando disso e conseguindo deixar o nick invisivel, acredito q n seja dificil colocar pois a maioria dos jogos tem esse sistema.
  4. Adicionar um sistema melhor de contas, (vinculando no google etc), e um sistema de report em player dentro do jogo.