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  1. Goodday Mam/Sir. We cant enjoy the game with this hacker. He is so annoying. Please banned him. He can climb walls and 100% Aimbot
  2. Just day 2 of update but still there so many aimbots. Please in game we can report and ban easily. Name B3TM3H228 Oxide - Survival Island_2022-12-18-21-52-27_001.mp4
  3. Your not a devs bro. Your just only a player always wanting the attension off other players. Im not asking your opinion. Im asking devs not you. Let the devs reply me
  4. If i gonna reformat or change a phone. How i can recover or sign in my account into other phone?
  5. This player i saw using hacks. Us1 server
  6. What?! I live in asia too. But still now working too me
  7. In your country oxide is okay now?