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  1. likeboss

    bago use

    I didn't have time to take a screenshot of God! I just went into the house, the door was open and they killed me with a rifle!!!
  2. likeboss

    bago use

    player with nickname 00000000000 use the invisibility bug under the foundations, literally 5 minutes ago killed me in this way !!! [EU] server 10
  3. likeboss


    why do my people teleport when moving ping 90-120 ?
  4. there are at least 3-4 more cheaters on [EU] server 10, but I won't remember the nicknames
  5. Nickname player Gipsy÷XAM228 cheater and to be precise, he has a speed hack waiting for his ban because it's impossible to play on [EU] SERVER 10 waiting for a solution to the problem