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  1. Artemka_3883 killed me with Aimbot hack, I lost all my loot, please help the server, ban all the cheaters
  2. FleehZloy are using Aimbot at city area, please help all the players that respect the rules.
  3. Please help me this hacker killed me and stole me 3 missile and all my loot, I already report him and all the players of the server, becouse he still continue kill every body, please help us.
  4. Alvayero

    We're back

    What happened with the US #15 SERVER? Its no longer in the game, why?
  5. The same hacker is using speedhacks to kill and farm, that is not fair..
  6. ismael3837 use speed hacks, he lost old accounts, and still create New ones to kill New players, please help.
  7. They dont do anything to help us, the servers are all full of hackers...
  8. ismael3738 is a hacker that thief me all my loot including my christmas hat, please help.
  9. he was flying and kill me, then thief all my loot, including my christmas hat.....