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  1. actually it has not been 2 years, it has only been 568 days
  2. what if catsbit is just trolling us and they are not actually working on an update, they just want us to think they are so we don't lose hope for this game
  3. you are with ria? quite cringe ngl.
  4. the current maps are getting boring we need new ones here some suggestions: 1: forest, spawn in a forest maybe with liek a river or something and a old cabin that would be cool ngl 2: island, a deserted island surrounded by the ocean the island it would be cool and epic and best map. 3: old town, a town map that looks like an old town from the 1800s it would be cool also if you add this add horses also (i like horses) 4: mountains, a big map that has a mountain range and paths going around the mountains. 5: plains, a simple flat grassy map where you can freely build with nothing in your way. 6: big building, idk what to call it but a map where its just a huge building with multiple floors it would be cool to have a map like this. 7: canyon, a big map that has a canyon. i just think it sounds cool.
  5. in the soon coming update please add a ban system, BUT this ban system can only be used by the developers (meaning it can't be used by players to ban people from their servers as i have seen people suggest a ban system like that but i do not think that's a good idea) so make where the devs can ban people permanently then just ban anyone that has ria/ssf in their name and then the game has already been greatly improved!
  6. its been multiple years and the stuck in car glitch is still here it is very annoying and honestly it is quite cringe. this glitch is the only glitch that actually is annoying and interferes with the gameplay thus meaning that this glitch ruins the gameplay when playing online. so if you are not working on fixing this glitch already i suggest you start as it would in fact suck very much to see that this awful glitch is still in the game after the update that is supposedly coming soon. that is all. in short, please fix the stuck in car glitch is is annoying. -Moldy Avocado