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  1. Ok thanks for replying. I don't know, but I would like to have an inventory for every server ?
  2. Hi ! Acually I play on an emulator on my laptop so... and it happened twice until now but my friends play on mobiles I don't know if you can fix it
  3. The world didn't save I lost most of the things in the chest ? fix it fast please
  4. Hello I know I added a lot of topics today but that is because I like the game? I really want to know if you will do a big update a few weeks later ? because if you keep the small updates I will really feel bad and get bored my friends allready are bored from the game because of the gliches and there is not much we can do I hope you can make at least 1 server that is 24/7 online and 50 players can join raid each other and more ?
  5. Hello I have a bug to report. when I left my server and then went to another I had my items there in that server and then gathered items and then when I recreated my server I found the items with me, is this a bug or its from the game itself because like this people can play alone then go and raid others Please fix it
  6. Hello I have a lot of suggestions for your game i hope I can get a reply from an admin.To be honest I didn't play the game for a log time so correct me if I said something wrong.I would like to see more animals at the game and to add more recources to gather such as coal or something like that, I would like to see more foodsuch as plants that would be so cool I don't think athor games have this it will be good for your game. and about animals I would like seeing cows and sheeps and I would really like adding a dog that we can make him a pet that protect us from another animals. And a better crafting, such as making a crefting table or a bench mark or something we can craft amd make only simple things are craftable by hand.For now I think this is enough, I know that this is too much for a small group or company but I would like to see at least half the things I said in a big update, I think if you add more things the game will be so popular. And I would like to see a better menus and add a button for the map and the most important things custom settings for the world such as no pvp or more maps and more amount of players such as 12.I have more things I wish that you will add it in a big update or every few weeks a small update. I have a lot of hope on this game but I wish you too have because I saw a youtube video on the game from 2017 the game was almost the same I wish you are willing to make this game the best survival game on mobile last thing I wish you could add settings for the game on emulators so I can move the screen without hold pressing the left click of the mouse.