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  1. SacaGamer

    Pvp bug!!

    Please fix the Pvp Bug!! Cause u just can't pvp (only with bow) -if u wanna shoot someone they need to stand still to get damage! And that is annoying because that is not pvp... And I have a question, how did this happened, They just added a new map and that is almost everything ( and that took 3-4 month)so it has nothing to do with pvp. And please tell as what is the new update , cause this update is like nothing...and if u guys try to do the game like rust, at least do it right .... And btw im sure its not that hard, I know people who cope games in just 4-5 days and they made it almost the same..... A good idea, hire people that can make good games or that can help on working to the games with u dev's.... People already started to ark for new update because I dev's did almost nothing to the game that would make it even better , make people have fun, make it to be able to play ( cheaters problem again) .. And what happens when we report people , I'll tell u , nothing because they will just change name or remake it , because they need a virtual space so even if u ban them is not gonna help..... A idea , ban device or some time or something ....
  2. Can someone tell me a server with no hackers? Or at least only like 1-2 hackers on server?Cause I wanna play again but I can't find a server with no hackers.
  3. Hello, Can we get any information's about the update? Like how much more we need to wait? Or what is gonna be added?
  4. Hi, it would be cool to be a bigger man , the same bioms ( desert , grass , snow ) , but I would like more locations, like maybe oil rig ( like rust) and more city's ( like the one that is already now , but different bigger and some that are smaller, bigger mountains and flat spots. I hope what I want can be added ? .