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  1. SacaGamer

    Pvp bug!!

    Please fix the Pvp Bug!! Cause u just can't pvp (only with bow) -if u wanna shoot someone they need to stand still to get damage! And that is annoying because that is not pvp... And I have a question, how did this happened, They just added a new map and that is almost everything ( and that took 3-4 month)so it has nothing to do with pvp. And please tell as what is the new update , cause this update is like nothing...and if u guys try to do the game like rust, at least do it right .... And btw im sure its not that hard, I know people who cope games in just 4-5 days and they made it almost the same..... A good idea, hire people that can make good games or that can help on working to the games with u dev's.... People already started to ark for new update because I dev's did almost nothing to the game that would make it even better , make people have fun, make it to be able to play ( cheaters problem again) .. And what happens when we report people , I'll tell u , nothing because they will just change name or remake it , because they need a virtual space so even if u ban them is not gonna help..... A idea , ban device or some time or something ....
  2. Can someone tell me a server with no hackers? Or at least only like 1-2 hackers on server?Cause I wanna play again but I can't find a server with no hackers.
  3. Hello, Can we get any information's about the update? Like how much more we need to wait? Or what is gonna be added?