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  1. Use your wood and build up to surface
  2. Rangø


    Dont worry about it he gone
  3. Rangø


    His name:no name:) but his viable name when you encounter him is different, when you die to him his real name shows up
  4. Help required on us7 b9 coords hacker with hacks that should not be possible clipping name changer aimbot and high jump
  5. Thank you i appreciate your help. How many did you catch?
  6. We have hackers on eu37 it would be nice to have a person come check it out i dont doubt you'll find a hacker within 5 minutes. Please can we have someone roam the server for half hour searching for and banning some hackers? ?
  7. I would like to point out that its possible to get under the world without hacks but not many people know so i doubt he "legitimately" got down there based on part 2.
  8. He has auto aim the footage provided should be enough proof.( ive heard he keeps making new accounts). In the footage provided please note that i scanned my surroundings and you can see anyone, he kills me 50 meters away and he was at the bottom of the cliff when he shot me. P.S. Sorry for bad quality. 002133-720x1280.mp4 002133-720x1280.mp4
  9. If you want to apply for moderator i know you have to send a aplication to catsbit but, if you did get moderator do you get ban permission or do i become "god like" and have to roam the server helping to get rid of hackers? What im trying to say is, if i got accepted for being a moderator what would my responsibilities be and would i still be able to play the game normally?
  10. Rangø


    Dear catsbit, why the fuck did you fix combat before fixing anticheat. Me and my clan have built a massive compound that cant be entered unless your a hacker or use rockets on the walls. Ive got 5 people inside the compound all hackers, i stand no chance to them because COMBAT is fixed. This is a major issue and should've been delt with before releasing transport and pve servers. Im going to download screen recording software because ive been kill countless times now because of hackers, its been 2 weeks now and i havnt managed to get rocket laucher and rockets because i keep dying to hackers.
  11. I like this idea although I think player names shouldn't pop up but i wouldnt mind either way I would love binoculars. ?
  12. It seems that from the last update we have a problem were lights placed in bases disappear when the server resets. As far as im aware this is for lights only i could be wrong but i hope this is fixed soon.
  13. A suggestion that I would like to make is adding text signs for labeling or leaving messages for people Another idea is adding wider variety of building options like corner foundation in rust.(This would be a hard feature to add i understand that this is hard and you would have alot to change about the game, which is a big task. I just hope you will consider this a good idea for the future of oxide and maybe it's something you could add when the game isn't in alpha. :) thank you i hope this helps. )
  14. Thank you for your help as this a has resolved the problem. :)