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  1. FreeRigz

    Reduce Ads

    My suggestion is to reduce ads, or atleast change them somehow. Because when i join a server i need to watch a 5 second ad. Meanwhile im watching the ad, im already in the game so people can kill me. I got killed because of that once, because i left while someone was chasing me. I joined back after around 5 minutes and the ad started running, Then i hear a gunshot and boom, im dead meanwhile the ad is still going. If your gonna place ads in the game then please. Make them a 1 click skip, not 5 seconds or atleast add a function to remove in game ads
  2. So i have voice chat enabled in my settings, but the button doesnt pop up in game, neither do i hear others. Im on a iphone xs and my microphone works very well.
  3. FreeRigz

    Name change

    Okay thank you very much.
  4. FreeRigz

    Name change

    How do i contact
  5. FreeRigz

    Name change

    Okay, thank you.
  6. FreeRigz

    Name change

    Then how can i switch my in game purchases from the old one to the new one?
  7. FreeRigz

    Name change

    Is it possible to change your name in oxide?