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Found 4 results

  1. Every one hate the dc people its so anoying but we can fix that if catabit add a new 30 seconds timer to dc also add a new rule and that is You Cant Construct or build while running or moving so people cant kick their selfs also new profile settings like profile picture,amont of kills,amont of damage,headshots ect also for the buttons we all know that there are serting buttons that we dont use so a new setting of delete buttons from the screen will be so much better also to put a button smaller or bigger by it own because right now you can only put all buttons in one size Thanks to catsbit if they consider me and hope you are getting a great day @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  2. is it possible to put 1 admin on 1 server, I made a server in discord and there are 10 people on 8 server. And what was normal against cheaters
  3. 1 permisos de buggy y helicóptero 2 Loggers Pvp está tan roto con el retraso y también los registradores que se apagan cuando están a punto de morir 3 más armas y explosivos 4 Nerft the Rocket un cohete es tan poderoso que con 30 minutos de cultivo alguien puede ir en tu 8 × 8 Y eso está demasiado roto también agrega otros explosivos como C4 C10 y granadas 5 Add a Safe Zone And More extructures to the Map Estas cosas ayudarán a que el juego sea mejor.
  4. They can make the player's field of vision smaller ... For example, I look towards the horizon and the performance drops because it has to load absolutely everything ... I would implement a fog circle around the player, and that outside the circle do not load structures, this way you can improve the performance for low-end.