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  1. TheSamer

    Update 0.4.1

    Very good @Catsbit.Care but all those things will be benifit to hackers only, safezone? Hackers will wait for you there and kill you with cheats to kill in the safezone that will be added in few days for sure Take care 🤞
  2. TheSamer


    Thanks for understanding us @Catsbit.Cuidado
  3. TheSamer


    @Andrithis Atk team they are all hackers, btw dont worry about reporting them cause no one gonna answer you and the game owner looks like he dont care, i have report them alot of times woth proves and got no answer.
  4. @SrGt.JaCk! no lol i mean just leave 10 servers of each so ppl gotta play there and server become more active cause servers like us14 are dead rn
  5. @Catsbit.Care we all know 1 thing and that is that oxide servers are really dead, to get-rid of dead servers you should delete some server that we dont need and also increse the server players to 250 or 200 players for server, also bigger map and delete alot of servers, just leave 10 of each 10-BR,10-US,10-EU, also for the Pve it will be 5-BR, 5-US, 5-EU For prime it will be 1-BR,1-US,1EU And thats how you wont have dead servers because people will be just playing on any of the 30 public, 15Pve and 3 primes also more admins for the game will make the game doesnt have so much hackers because they will be easyer to banned having at tleast 1 or 2 admins for the webside page and alot of admins for the server that can be active at tleast 3 - 8 Hrs a day Hopr catsbit respond this and hope everyone like my ideas Also Npc's will be good for Gastations and citys that will be great and people will enjoy the game alot more
  6. TheSamer

    Update 2023

    Thanks @Catsbit.Care ❤
  7. Well i have to say here slick is compleately right i cant say anything about it
  8. Any proves? videos something?
  9. Digger² bro im DxS Samer from US#3 That lie aint gonna work here when catsbit ban you is because they have proves of you using hacks so dont even try to lie
  10. Niki i think you have to get a video or proves of the act
  11. Fake acc 966688D9B309947C Real Acc F3665EC3B2B8A394
  12. Bro you cant complain about that because the helis are even in rust bro just that in rust you dont have to buy it but maybe in the future it will be free for everyone i hope so
  13. People who wasted they money just buying coins are really stupid anyways the only owners of servers are catsbit and no one alse they just want to make themself some fools