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  1. Bro you cant complain about that because the helis are even in rust bro just that in rust you dont have to buy it but maybe in the future it will be free for everyone i hope so
  2. People who wasted they money just buying coins are really stupid anyways the only owners of servers are catsbit and no one alse they just want to make themself some fools
  3. TheSamer

    Us 14

    Something happening buddy
  4. On hes secondary acc
  5. Almost all of them have been banned on secondary and primary acc but those 4 still playing and using hacks and being toxic that hayden guy use hack on hes main acc but now me name hes self as 《ATK》 HAYDEN
  6. This clan on us14 are so toxic + they using aimbot and hacks as you can see there are the proves that they using hacks and here i will send another video
  7. 99D4396CD7834518 3B43C16C2ABC92E8 FAA021624EE89E3
  8. Baba - Yaba and Raisen hell are Hunter and hayden secondary acc
  9. There you got alot of evidence cats they are really anoying
  10. He is saying the N word and insulting people all the time
  11. TheSamer

    Oxide Wiki

    Hahaha i love the last part Oxide Mini vocabulary