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Ok, so here’s a few suggestions on the vehicles that I think would be enjoyable.

1. Multiple seats. All the vehicles so far look like they’d have multiple seats, just add like another 1-3 seats, for a total of 2 seats or 4 seats (unless they look single seated).

2. Destructive. Please oh please make the vehicles destructive, it would be so much more realistic, especially if you add explosive weapons.

3. Weapons. PLEASE ADD VEHICLES WITH WEAPONS! Tanks, armored cars, helicopters with weapons, planes with weapons, just vehicles with weapons would be SOOOOO COOL! And so much fun! ?

4. ADD PLANES IN GENERAL! Planes would be sooooo cool, especially on bigger or flatter maps, like Speedway, Desert, or Military Base.

Thank you for reading these suggestions, and I hope you at least consider!

P.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if people came up with at least one of these already.

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Oh please make these vehicles cost cash pls, thank you. Like some rly cool ones would cost gems but just have like 2 or 3 of each cost cash.

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