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Server improvements

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Here are some things I would love to see and many others may too

 1. The ability to delete YOUR own builds

this would improve the game by making it so you don’t have to ask admin to come and delete your build



It gets frustrating to play and role play when there is a troll killing everyone and just ruining the game


3. Flat starting build plot

it gets kinda annoying to place ramps to acces an area so how about a flat beginning platform 


4. A really flat world

the flattest and biggest map is the desert but there are still some hills so there should be a green and hillless map


5 more builds and props

there should be liked pools and kitchen stuff and things like that


6. Edible food

it gets weird serving my customers a box and then having to delete it so food items should have a consume button


7. A higher item amount 

I always keep on hitting the to many items mark when building a city so you should make it higher 



I know that you guys/gals are busy with things but these are some of my thoughts but you don’t have to add them but either way you gals/guys are the best keep up the great work

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