Making a clan on US 6

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Hey all, my in game username is LIVR. I’m creating this post to start a clan on server US 19. Requirements are that you speak English fluently and have discord to chat with members. The goal is to build a large compound and have many members that all contribute their weight. This will make a larger base and larger raids easier. If you want to know more send me a friend request on discord @ Danw810#1752. We will all have our own separate rooms for our items with separate codes but there will be a main area where we will all contribute resources for tc/raids/and any items we dont need for others to find a use of. Stealing, griefs, not carrying ones weight, and inviting new members in without permission will not be tolerated. Only for people who want to take this seriously and have a well organized and respectful group. Looking forward to playing with you all. So far there’s 2 of us and we’re making lots of progress. Please have at least 1 month experience on game.

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